summer songs

by camera eyes

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this is dumb stuff. not really summer songs but i released it in the summer so they are summer songs


released August 12, 2014

thank u



all rights reserved


camera eyes Orlando, Florida


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Track Name: song about people i'm no longer friends with
'm so in love with life
Not as much as I'm in love with you
But you don't even know my name
That's okay I guess

I'd waste away with you

Oh how cliche
What did I even just say
Girls don't like me
Especially ones like you

I know it's a long shot girl

I am such a dork
I would write songs
Between the lines on your palms
If that's what you'd want
Track Name: pups
I have no idea what to say
you hid my words away
so I turn into the ghost
that you and me could never hate
it brings out the best in me
oh I'm glad i can see
all the trees & all the dogs

I scream into the trees
I pet all the pups that I see
Track Name: nervous
all these words
that I want to say to you
but none of them come out quite the way I want them to
I want to kiss you but I'm too nervous to find out if you want to kiss me too ooh ooh
Track Name: carousel
Spinning around on carousels
Wishing you were more than a ghost
I tried to scream loud enough
For you to come outside
Nothing ever works

You were my boat
But you sank too deep
I tried to help
But my pillow eats dreams

As crazy as it sounds you were the only dream I had left
You left a mark baffling me
Wondering if there's some significant meaning behind it
You make me feel alright
Track Name: take off
watching the sky turn from orange to pink
lightning coming from the clouds beneath
what a beautiful sight it is
not as beautiful as you

I'm still far away from the place I call home
I'm around people I don't even know their names
but that's alright cause you are on my mind tonight
Track Name: colors
there's a palette of colors sitting right in front of me, I want to swirl them together and recreate the beauty you give off but it'd probably end up as ugly as me and everything I do is ugly

color schemes constantly changing
kind of like my feelings I want to spend all of my time talking to you learning about you
Track Name: nothing
I can't seem to sleep on my side anymore

I curse the day with every word I saw you go

I try to scream
I am brave

You stare into a room with no view

Nothing's there except the ghost of yourself

waking up
Losing signal
Lost track
We are equal

How is your life on the west coast
Mine is pretty good here in the east
I wish I could hold your hand in cement
Your breaking my skull
My bones are flowing out
Into my heart
I can't pull it's strings anymore
Track Name: untitled
i sound better when i sing then when i talk
every single word comes out wrong
when i joke around it sounds like i’m being serious
but when i’m serious it sounds like a joke
i swear i’d never lie i swear i’ll never lie

i know i’m probably a waste of your time
i can never say what is on my mind
even though i do, it comes out wrong

for every person i will ever meet
i apologize in advance for this waste of time
i’m such a waste of time
Track Name: everything will be okay
I wanna sing the prettiest of songs but they all sound the same
i want to be the best that I can be so I practice every night

but I crashed my bike into a mailbox last night just to see if I would survive
without damaging anything in me
everything in me is a mess
I should go to bed
Track Name: alone
All my friends are somewhere without me
All my friends are getting fucked up it's not for me
All my friends are drunken enemies I'm deep beneath the sea
All my friends have forgotten about me

All I do is sit in My room and talk to myself
All I do is write these songs and complain to myself

This is why my friends are gone this is why I'm so alone etc

My eyes start to burn
From watching twin peaks
Mostly from playing new leaf
I guess I need some sleep
The walls start talking me
I'm guess I'm going insane
I guess I need to go enjoy the
Day, enjoy the sun

But my bed constricts the fun
I am having so much fun

This is why I'm alone

I guess I'll sleep all day
No one wants to see my face
I am so damn lonely
I just want to say I'm not cool
HrI don't know what to do
I just want to lay with you
But we know dreams don't come true
Track Name: ghost
The ghosts in the walls
They hear my calls
I regret the times
I let fear consume my life

The ghost in my floorboards
It creaks when I move
I'm too scared to move
My feet are glued to shoes

The ghost in your eyes
Reminds me of the times
I watched the sunrise

These blurry memories hold me down
I might die alone
please pick up the phone

These photographic eyes
Capture nothing but sunlight
someone close my aperture